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Monday, August 23, 2010

The No. 1 Motswana: Shombi Ellis

Written By: Mimi Tsiane—If I were to tell a story about my people, this is one of the stories I would tell. A story about a strong Motswana woman who navigates her personal and professional life with dignity, humor and botho: The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency. Boasting an all star cast including Jill Scott playing the coveted role of Mma Ramotswe, the series has also put local Batswana stars such as Shombi Ellis on the road to stardom. Playing the role of Nurse Kgmotso, Ellis sheds light on the series that has put Botswana on the map. The No. 1 Motswana shares her story with MIMI.

(Photo Credits: Airside)