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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Designer Spotlight: Malaika Designs

Written By: MIM!We caught up with Ghanaian fashion designer Adwoa Ode-Dombrowe, to find out more about her label, Malaika Designs, which is based in Germany.

MIM!: In three words, how would you describe Malaika Designs?
Adwoa Ode-Dombrowe: Unique. Stylish. Colourful.

MIM!: Given that you are based in Germany, does any part of Germany's local fashion inspire your designs?
Adwoa Ode-Dombrowe: Berlin, the epicenter of Germany's fashion industry, is my home base. I am inspired by the style on Berlin's streets, people here always wear what they like without giving too much weight to what others might think about it, they just express themselves freely and uninhibited.

MIM!: What inspired you to start designing?
Adwoa Ode-Dombrowe: I have always been into fashion. In my extended family are several tailors. Already in school I started designing and producing my own outfits. I have always wanted to create something unique and connected to my African roots. So I developed the idea to combine European urban style with African fabrics.

MIM!: What is your favorite piece from your collection?
Adwoa Ode-Dombrowe: My favorite piece from my collection is Abena, a Kente Kimono jacket. This jacket can be worn on any occasion and is the perfect eye catcher.

MIM!: What are your favorite current trends?
Adwoa Ode-Dombrowe: Definitely Ankara prints.

To see more from Adwoa's collection, visit

(Photo Credits: Malaika Designs)


Myne Whitman said...

Lovely designs!