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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Kulture Noir, Simphiwe Dana Releases A Haunting New African Soul-Jazz Album

Written By: MIM!The Goddess of South African cool, Simphiwe Dana, is a back with an empahatic stylish new album, Kulture Noir. Reflecting a more somber Simphiwe, Kulture Noir, is a dark and heavy album intended to inspire a dialogue about the state of South African society. Simphiwe shared with South Africa's Mail & Guardian, "There are so many unresolved issues and people are not even aware that they have unresolved issues. They just lash out on a psychological level. No one is taking time to assess where we are as a people, and why we are … people are not ready to deal with all the madness. We just want to forget about it, but it's not that simple." To hear more from Kulture Noir, visit Simphiwe Dana's official website,