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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

MIMI's Writer's Guidelines: Be A Part Of The Voice Of This Generation's African Women

Written By: MIM!MIMI-istas, the deadline for submitting articles for MIMI's upcoming issue with Editor-at-Large Mario Epanya is September 30th. As you know, MIMI is published quarterly, and in each issue we publish articles around six themes with a focus on Africa and the Diapora:

1. Features: interviews or profiles of people with a connection to Africa or the Diaspora;
2. Style: articles about fashion and beauty;
3. Lifestyle: articles about career, finance, fitness, and day-to-day life, including cooking, parenting, city life;
4. Heart & Soul: articles about relationships and spirituality;
5. Mambo: articles about the arts, including music, photography, movies, plays ...
6. Africana: articles about culture and politics.

Although most guest writers submit articles for the Lifestyle, Heart & Soul, and Africana sections of the magazine, we accept submissions for all the above mentioned sections of the magazine. We recommend browsing our archives to get a more concrete idea of what each of these sections look like.

With respect to word count, most articles are at most 500-700 words. Finally, although the deadline to submit an article for our upcoming issue is September 30th, we accept articles on a rolling basis. If you have additional questions, email MIMI at mimimagazineonline[at]gmail[dot]com.

(Photo Credits: © iStockPhoto / STEEX)