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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Ugandan Author Mazzi Binaisa Brings You Heaven In Your Handbag

Written By: Nicole Parker-Jones"How do I have a conversation with God when I'm more conversant with the cocktail menu at my local bar and when the sales are starting in my favourite shop? Oh, and everything seems to be unraveling in slo-mo or otherwise? And I'm not entirely convinced anyone is listening? And if they are, are they particularly interested?" Equal parts light hearted, equal parts deep, Heaven In Your Handbag is a great little book with a lot of big truths about modern day life and finding a place for God in it. The book description speaks for itself:
Arranged into four parts: You, Love, Work and Friends[,] Heaven in Your Handbag looks at the very things we talk about, think about, laugh about, cry about, exploring these issues with God at the centre. You see he's always been there, it's just a case of us not always being aware of it. The book started off as a series of emails, call it an e-ministry, sent out to a group of girlfriends, that organically grew in an attempt to answer the questions of the everyday and our place in them. But, for all the "heaviness" of the material, there are elements of light relief. Disaster dates, wardrobe envy, slovenly attitudes to work and heartbreak all make an appearance in a book that aims be small enough to fit into the smallest of clutches and honest enough to touch the most hardened of hearts.
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