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Monday, October 18, 2010

MIMI Magazine Fall 2010 Issue: New Wave Noir

Written By: MIM!Fresh off the presses, MIMI's fall issue, New Wave Noir, is yours to read. Ever-stylish sisters Célia and Hélène Faussart of Les Nubians grace the cover of this issue, photographed by one of our favorite photographers, Delphine Diallo. Here's what to expect, as reflected in the Editor's Letter:
African fashion has undergone nothing less than a revolution and we have assembled a rather impressive wardrobe. Indeed, you need only read the pages of this issue of MIMI to see how African fashion has been transformed in countless ways—aesthetically, in terms of its identity, and also behind the scenes where a wide range of independent designers have emerged. The result is a fresh, new Afro-urban aesthetic that truly reflects the flavor of the continent: New Wave Noir.
We still have one more issue for the year, which is our Special Anniversary Issue with Editor-at-Large Mario Epanya. Invite your friends to follow us on Facebook to be part of this special issue, as well as to be eligible for special MIMI giveaways!

(Photo Credits: © Delphine Diallo)


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