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Monday, October 18, 2010

New Column: Wear Africa On Your Sleeve

Written By: MIM!This issue, we are debuting a new column, Wear Africa On Your Sleeve (a play on the popular phrase, "wear your heart on your sleeve") where we will show you how you can incorporate Afri-chic fashion in your day-to-day style from designers are readily accessible at various e-tailers.

In our New Wave Noir issue, find out how which Afri-chic designers have created fabulous fall coats inspired by Africa's diverse style and are all just a mouse click away if you care to splurge on any of these beautifully crafted Afri-chic garments this season. Read Wear Africa On Your Sleeve for more.

(Photo Credits: © OrbFoto / iStockPhoto)


Myne Whitman said...

This should be fun, :)

MIMI Magazine said...

@Myne, it's so much fun looking for great Afri-chic pieces, but we've struggled a bit to find budget friendly prices (especially when it came to the fall coats featured in the New Wave Noir issue). We hope that over time we can show a range of options for MIMI-istas :)