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Friday, November 19, 2010

From The Archives: Welcome To Nollywood

Written By: Mimi TsianeThis weekend, I watched my first Nollywood film; well in its entirety. The DVD was simply entitled “Royal Battle: Part 1 and 2." The DVD was not an original (uhm, how do I say it delicately...) it was bootleg. I purchased my copy from the hair salon/clothing boutique/grocery store/beauty supply and social networking establishment. I also picked up some oranges with my purchase! I tell you, my African people are doing big things. I am in love with the industry that is Nollywood; here are some of the elements that I have observed.

1. Love story: Boy and girl meet, fall in love and live happily ever after, then a plague befalls the town, he dies and haunts the living hell out her. That is a love story.

2. Supernatural phenomena: Witches, random lightening on bright days, plagues, kings in FUBU outfits, ghosts, plastic hair weaves, and extraordinary circumstances.

3. Beautiful scenery: Although many are set in Nigeria and surrounding African countries (I am from Botswana); I cannot help but feel nostalgic when I see some of the landscape.

4. Attractive people: There is the horrible misconception that Africans are not attractive; wrong, watch a Nollywood film. Have you seen Genevieve Nnaji?

5. Dramatic facial expressions: Expressions punctuated with a flick of a hair weave, a gasp, sucking of teeth, rolling of eyes; and that constitutes a hello. You know I love it.

6. Suspicious soundtrack: While watching a love scene I was rudely interrupted by the sounds of Missy Elliot. Pray tell, what is Missy doing in the film?

7. Moral lessons: If you do evil, evil will befall you, your family members and anyone that gets close to you will suffer the consequences. Lessons are the order of the day.

8. Intriguing storyline: Despite some of the questionable picture quality of the films; I simply cannot get enough of the storylines. Inspired, smart and witty, they are worth your time.

Call me a convert, call me an addict; my love affair with Nollywood has begun.

* * *

(Photo Credits: © KeeWeeBoy/Veer) (Originally Published March 2008: Welcome To Nollywood)


My African Movie Reviews said...

Welcome to watching African Movies. Brace your self

Anonymous said...

I must confess I'm hooked on Nollywood films. They have a wide variety of themes and most definitely full of DRAMA. Cheers to Nollywood!!!! Oh and check out the African musical artist Dbanj, Psquare,VIP,Becca, Mzbel and so on.. Africa is on the move.