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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Discover Urbantopia Books And Read An Excerpt From Urbantopia Books' Metamorphosis By Ola Laniyan-Amoako

Written By: Nani Hapa—Frustrated by the disconnect between black and minority ethnic readers and writers, Nigerian author Ola Laniyan-Amoako launched her own publishing house, Urbantopia Books to bridge the gap "for the urban voice" by bringing more books that tell the stories of black and ethnic minority readers.

Read an excerpt from her self-published book, Metamorphosis, which she describes as "a poetry infused, humorous novel about four individuals and events in their lives which force them to morph into new characters. When Sade, the semi racist, finds herself unable to share distressing news from her ex with her black friends, she turns to a white colleague at work and from there she begins grow, mature and morph. Fun loving Olu finds himself in a complex place when the mother of his son tells him she is getting married and moving their son to America. A part-time father he may be, but he’ll do anything to keep his son close.....The question is how far will he go? Young , cute Donna turns confident. Why? Love, passion, the affair. The transformation from mistress to Mrs...A long and twisted tale of life and growing up." Read Metamorphosis below.
. . .

I’m young, I’m pretty, I’m direct and I get what I want when I want. Only problem is a I’m a dog magnet. If he is a bastard, he’ll spot me, want me, have me and hurt me. I won’t lie, I shall not deny, I too am to blame. As Donna often asks.

“Why guys with girlfriends?”

I have no idea. You see it always starts out as fun, the wanting, the getting, especially when the wifie is standing right there. I get this ego boost knowing if I look at a guy, single or taken, I’ll get his attention, his number and everything else. As I was saying, it always starts out a bit of dangerous fun but they don’t like that. They kick up a fuss cause they don’t want me seeing other people so after months of bugging me to go out with them. I give in and say yes. They dump their girlfriend. I get comfy, play the wife for a while but I’m on borrowed time and their rightful owners always come back, stealing their property back from under my nose. I cry for a bit, hate men for a while then I’m off raving and someone else is recruited. They are always black, dark skin, yet lighter than me. Tall with a smooth voice and a smart wardrobe. That is the only thing I’m attracted to. I’m a loyal slave to the term ‘the blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice’.

As this morning’s shower spills over me, caressing my coca cola bottle figure, I think back to the weekend. Why can’t it last longer? More time for fun please. I can’t believe after all these years Donna is still eyeing up Olu. I’ve known the girl for five years now and every time she sees him, she starts fantasizing. I go out with dogs- well I used to, I’ve decided I’m going to try a nice single light skin boy. Anyway, I know how to handle the fools and the bastards but Donna, she is so sweet and so young and naïve.

. . .

Order a copy of Metamorphosis and other titles published by Urbantopia Books by visiting

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Myne Whitman said...

Wow, I'm excited by this news! Congrats to Ola and I look forward to getting my copy.