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Monday, February 21, 2011

First Look And First Listen: Music From AYO's Billie-Eve Album

Written By: MIM!On March 1st, Ayọ will release her third studio album, Billie-Eve, named after her daughter. We love the beautiful cover that reflects the new sound that Ayọ is creating with Billie-Eve. The lead single from the album, I'm Gonna Dance, was released earlier this year; take a look at the video and album artwork below, and to hear more music from Billie-Eve, visit

AYO "I'm Gonna Dance" from Antoine Kenobi Ressaussière on Vimeo.

EDITED: Thanks to Gu for clarifying that Ayọ will release on Billie-Eve March 7th. Visit for the most up-to-date details about Billie-Eve.

(Photo Credits: CD Cover Art)


Mwanabibi Sikamo said...

I love Ayo. So glad her new album is out. This song encapsulates what it means to be a woman so well!

Gu said...

I think the release date is the 7th March not the 1st! But in any case something to look forward very much!