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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Inna Modja: "Being An African Woman Means Being Fierce And Graceful"

Written By: MIM!Learn more about Inna Modja as the singer/songwriter completes 10 sentences that reveal more about her Soul. Substance. Style.

1. My first job ... was as a model at 17 years.

2. I knew my career in music and me were meant to be when ... I was 14 years (when I started writing & composing) I always believed that one day I'll make it. So I worked hard for that.

3. My mom taught me ... to always keep my head up, to be proud and not arrogant.

4. The things I value most in life are ... generosity, being humble and grateful.

5. Being passionate about Africa is all about being ... proud of where I come from, embracing my culture.

6. My real life heroes are ... my dad, my two brothers and my beloved boyfriend.

7. I am living ... my dream life right now. I can write, compose and sing. I love performing so I'm the happiest woman with that. I have health and a life I adore with simple values.

8. Beauty is ... when the inner beauty shines out! A gorgeous smile.

9. I don't like taking fashion advice. I like making my own rules because what suits others won't always suit me.

10. Being an African woman means ... being fierce and graceful.

For more about Inna Modja, read the Winter 2011 issue of MIMI ("Love Africa, Always").

(Photo Credits: © Mario Epanya Photography)


Ciaa said...

Love her, she so beautiful with that big afro.Malian women rock !!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful woman with a beautiful soul to match.

Myne Whitman said...

So sweet! Nice replies...