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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Growing Up African: A New Reality Show About A Tanzanian Family Living In America

Written By: MIM!Since last year, the blogosphere has been a buzz about a new reality show that just transcends several barriers: Growing Up African. The show centers around a Tanzanian family of five siblings and a single mother living in the United States:
The concept of the reality show is to present a positive but factual presentation of the blessings and struggles of growing up African. The unique quality about this family is the age range at the current time. All five were born in the 1980’s and are in their 20’s going through various stages of life. This would be an opportunity first, to entertain various households but in the long run create a positive image for Africa. This isn’t the means to the end but an introduction to make African culture mainstream. This is a family that once shared one room deep in the ghetto. A mother who worked 4 jobs to be able to purchase her first house and graduate all her children. Success isn’t about the destination but the distance covered.
The family started out with their concept by pitching the show on the internet, and through the support of blogs, were able to garner enough support to breakthrough as a viable reality show. After a successful pitch meeting in Tanzania with East Africa TV, Growing Up African is slated to premier on Friday, March 25th, 2011. We can't wait!

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Anonymous said...

From time I have always know this as a great family..Big bond..Great history... They do write a novel for a reporter. We cant wait for this Show to go live...Good work Johnson!
Joe (UK)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Male, I love being from Tanzania, Growing up in Uganda and this blog is just amazing. I hope we o represent everyone in the correct manner.

Johnson(Bukoba) lol