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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Nollybooks: Inspiring The Love Of Reading With A New Generation Of 16-24 Year Old Female Readers

Written By: Nani Hapa—“As Africans we are not telling our own stories and don’t have a local tradition of creating our own fictional heroes. Eighty percent of the books sold locally are from Britain or the US. They are written by international authors and the reason they do well is that people who read them are predominantly white middle-class women who have travelled and have been exposed to the locations featured in those books,” says Moky Makura. Intent on changing this, Moky launched Nollybooks, what she calls “Africa’s own Mills & Boon,” with the hopes of getting young South African female readers interested in reading by drawing them into her light, frothy love stories.

The romance series of Nollybooks “Bookazines” are books that are similar to magazines—in addition to great stories, the “Bookazines” offer many extras, including a dictionary featuring words from the novel, word games to stretch reader’s minds and discussion points they can talk about at book clubs. Similar to magazines, “Bookazines” also include advertisers—the idea being to cut down the cost of publishing, and the cost of the books themselves.

Beyond inspiring young women to read and revolutionizing South Africa's publishing industry, Nollybooks also gives young writers a chance to get published. “We are proud to say that nearly all of our writers wrote their very first novels for Nollybooks and many of them are young talented African voices. Nollybooks is creating a platform for new writers to get published and we are always on the hunt for new talent.”

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