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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Love, Peace, And Hair Grease

Written By: Lola K.—“We are two girls from Nairobi who decided to embrace our natural hair and during the process, teach our fellow African ladies about natural hair and to learn to love every strand that comes out of their scalps” say Nyachomba Kariuki and Mary Mogoi, the bloggers behind The Natural Girls Guide To Beauty. We caught up with Nyanchomba and Mary, collectively known as Kurly Kichana, to find out more about their self-professed “love for all things hair.”

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MIMI: What inspired you to start your blog?
Kurly Kichana: We both discovered how to care for natural hair later in our lives and from that moment we fully embraced our natural curls. This discovery led us to find out that a huge majority of Kenyan women did not know how to manage or care for natural hair. Natural hair is a rarity and one would find that Kenyan women opt to hide or perm their hair. We therefore decided to start the blog so as to encourage and women in Kenya (and through out the African continent) to appreciate their natural hair and learn how to care for it. We wanted women to know that our natural African hair is beautiful in all its variations and could grow and flourish.

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(Photo Credits: © Image Source / PunchStock Photo) (Caption: Curly Locks) (Model Used Solely For Illustrative Purposes)