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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Mogul In The Making: Olabisi Waller

Written By: MIM!Olabisi Waller is the CEO and executive director of two successful online companies, Elise Charles and EC Cosmetics. Her entrepreneurial ambitions were nurtured by her upbringing with her mother who constantly reminded her and her nine sisters “never to let anyone tell them they could not do what they wanted.” It is no surprise then that Olabisi discovered her entrepreneurial spirit at a young age when she would buy affordable goods at a local market and resell it for a profit to her schoolmates. Ultimately, Olabisi studied business administration at Ondo State University in Nigeria. She has been self-employed since 2001, and is currently enrolled in the Wharton Business Development Program at the University of Pennsylvania. She started the gift and souvenirs business Elise Charles Company along with her husband, Charles Waller in 2007 and a year later launched EC Cosmetics with the goal of providing the beauty industry unique products that truly enhance a woman’s beauty. MIMI caught up with the mogul in the making to find out her secrets to success.

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