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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Clothes Call: Nancie Mwai

(( Written By: MIMI  ))  April 28th, 2010: Nancie Mwai, a young, newly minted stylist, launches the website The Fashion Notebook armed with no more than a passion for fashion and an ambitious goal of making a mark on Kenya’s fashion scene, for as she explains, “life is too short to blend in.”

Cut to the present: The Fashion Notebook is a widely-read and much loved blogazine that has Nancie so busy, her day is a fashion whirlwind. “I wake up, take coffee, go through my mail, write up a blog post, then I read other blogs. Since I am a stylist, I am also constantly styling then I finish my day with meetings, then I head home. Sometimes I rarely get time for lunch. When I get home I check my mails again and respond to my blog comments and plan for the next day. Then I sleep.”

MIMI:  Tell us, Nancie is...?
Nancie Mwai:  A fashion psychotic girl—it’s fashion madness in my world!

MIMI:  What is the most treasured item in your wardrobe?
Nancie Mwai:  My vintage Chanel bag.

MIMI:  What inspires you?
Nancie Mwai:  Myself ... I am the star in my life and I have to work hard for me to succeed.

MIMI:  Complete the sentence, Nancie loves...?
Nancie Mwai:  David Tlale—I’m awaiting the day I can wear at least one of his pieces!

MIMI:  What’s your favorite city, and why?
Nancie Mwai:  Paris, it’s the fashion capital and I'm obsessed with living there one day!

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((  Photo Credits: © The Fashion Notebook  ))