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Monday, July 11, 2011

The New Issue Of MIMI Is All About Reb(ELLE)s

Written By: MIM!Read the latest issue of MIMI and discover how our four Soul.Substance.Style Reb(ELLE)s: Zama Dube (our cover girl), Nancie Mwai, Angela Chimokwu and Bethlehem Alemu dared to not only dream big but also defy convention. Also in this issue, find Deola Sagoe's latest collection, Ori Oré, that was inspired by both the Japanese and the Yoruba cultures, see how Lalesso is bringing beauty to the beach, and tackle serious questions such as "what does it mean to be black?" in the article Beyond Black and "what will it take to get proper housing in South Africa's townships?" in the article A Winding Path To Descent Housing.

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(Photo Credits: © YFM)


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