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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

From The Current Issue Of MIMI: May Johannesburg Bless You

(( Written By:  Banele Rewo  ))  Do “normal” and “comfortable” citizens live without problems, and if they do are they less “tragic” or worthy of donations monetary or otherwise from strangers? Within the 20 seconds you spend at a traffic light, a homeless person wielding a piece of cardboard laden with carefully planned writing regardless of the shattered grammar can tell you his whole life story and have you retched with guilt for driving that car or even having clothes with no holes in them.  The stories they write always have a secret weapon or a trump card: “May God Bless You.”

... But who is there to help you with your supposedly “easy” problems?  Who is there to help an accountant who is ravaged by debt yet lives in a mansion and drives a posh car?  Read the rest of May Johannesburg Bless You in the current issue of MIMI.
((  Photo Credits:  Banele Rewo  ))