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Thursday, July 26, 2012

From The MIMI Magazine Archives: Fierce And Fearless

((  Written By: Mimi Tsiane  ))  Fear is the worst of all human prisons that prevents many from reaching their goals.  This month I urge you to release the fear.  Here are my 8 tips for doing so:

Just do it.  How long have you been postponing it, avoiding the situation?  Now is the time to make a change; to take the challenge.  Go on just do it.

Recognize the challenge.  In other words what do you want to do?  Articulate your plans, your needs and wants.  Jot them down as a point of reference.

Establish a support system.  Don't be afraid to reach out and surround yourself with people who inspire you, push and encourage you.

Plan accordingly.  Set a schedule for each step.  A timeline allows you to gauge your progress and make changes accordingly.

Set realistic goals.  Allow yourself to dream big; but remember not to be simply be swayed by passion.  Ask yourself; is your goal realistic?  Can it be accomplished?

Reward yourself.  When you reach specific milestone, do something for yourself to celebrate.  Pamper yourself, and celebrate that milestone.

Seek professional help.  Fear can be healthy.  It curbs our irrational decisions.  If your fear prevents you from living a healthy life, seek professional help.

Try again.  When you are defeated the most difficult task is trying again.  Identify mistakes made, recognize that setbacks are not the end of your quest, and most importantly, try again and exhaust all the possibilities.
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The article Fierce and Fearless was initially published in MIMI's September 2008 issue fittingly titled Dream Big.  To read past issues of MIMI, visit our archives at

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