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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

DJ Focus: A 16 Year Old Sierra Leonean Genius

((  Written By:  Mimi Tsiane  ))  Kelvin Doe is 16 and a genius—the type of genius that makes you question yourself and some of the choices you made at 16.  The young man hails from Sierra Leone and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is salivating at his very existence—he is the youngest person ever to be invited to MIT's Visiting Practitioner's Program.  Why?  Doe invented batteries and a generator using materials picked from trash bins in his neighborhood.  He also manages the community radio station.  I am loving him.  Firstly because he making technology accessible for Africans everywhere.  Secondly he is self-taught, and how can you not love the confidence in his moniker: DJ Focus.  For all you dreamers, watch Kelvin's inspiring story on YouTube.
((  Photo Credits:  Spectral-Design | Veer  ))


Trudy Graham said...

The story about Kelvin Doe (aka DJ Focus) is featured on the website along with many other stories about - cool stuff kids do - from around the globe. The site curates stories about amazing things kids do, that make a positive dint in the world.