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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Seeing Stars: 5 African Celebrities To Follow On Twitter

((  Written By:  Nani Hapa ))  I know I know, I’m not supposed to admit it ... at least not out loudly, and certainly not in a public forum.  But I never was much good with social etiquette, and I cannot pretend that just a year ago I wasn't entirely obsessed with watching the Bold and the Beautiful to catch my favorite actress Terry Pheto on daytime television.  So there you have it, I’m not ashamed to admit that I like to dabble ... OK, immerse myself in, pop culture.  And I especially love celebrities who remain connected to Africa because, well, they care about the continent that I care so deeply about.
For me, the next best thing to having an African edition of US Weekly or People Magazine is Twitter.  Tweets are not exactly that stuff that Pulitzer Prize winning writing is made of, but reading tweets from Terry Pheto (@TerryPheto), Sofia Boutella (@Sofsia), Menaye Donkor (@MenayeDonkor), Genevieve Nnaji (@GenevieveNnaji1) and Stella Mwangi (@StellaMwangi) is like catching up in 140 characters or less with some super duper fly girlfriends.

So if you're least bit curious about finding fashion inspiration in the glamorous ensembles that Terry Pheto effortlessly pulls together, getting the ins and outs of doing charitable work on the continent like Menaye Donkor is doing, or simply oozing cool by taking a page out of Sofia Boutella's playbook, Twitter is a great place to start.

((  Photo Credits:  Terry Pheto Instagram and Menaye Donkor Instagram  ))