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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The X Factor: Karen Mukupa

((  Written By: Staff Writer  ))  Danish-Zambian singer rapper Karen Mukupa's first big gig was in 1990 opening for then reigning queen of hip-hop, Queen Latifah.  Twenty-plus years later, there's no denying that Karen Mukupa has the x-factor that the stuff of long careers are made of.  Her recently released fourth album, Human, is a reflection as much a reflection of the experiences that were shaped by her Danish-Zambian such as the music that she listened to and the women she grew up around.

In a note to her fans penned on her website, Karen shares:  "My parents' album collection consisted of music from [the] Beatles to Jimi Hendrix, Fela Kuti to Miriam Makeba and [I] found myself singing along to these records as well as listening to Micheal Jackson, Prince and later diving into the world hip hop.  [The album] Human reflects these influences and it was important to use this inspiration on an album which consists of afro, hip hop, pop and soul."

Learn more about Karen's music and her current tour by visiting her official website

(( Photo Credits:  CD Cover Art ))