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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Coming In Spring 2013: Duro Olowu For J.C. Penney

((  Written By: Nani Hapa  ))  When retailer J.C. Penney announced that they were collaborating with print-mixing designer Duro Olowu (and First Lady Michelle Obama favorite) to create a limited-edition collection that would be released in the spring of 2013, I couldn't help but wonder "is it spring yet?"  When asked about the collection Duro shared:  “When I was thinking about this collection, I wanted to give American classic shapes and ideas a global flair.” And that’s just what he did—infusing striking prints like gingham, brocade, and floral.  Take a sneak peak at the collection below.
1.  Floral Ruffle Dress—$50, Single Swirl Acrylic And Hexagonal Acrylic Bracelets—$10 Each, Leaf Print Heel—$50, Raffia Tablet Case—$25.  2.  Paisley Jacket—$35, Gingham Short—$25, Leaf Print Heel—$50, Surf the Web Satchel—$40.  3.  Green Paisley Maxi Dress$60, Enamel Cuff$15, Leaf Print Clutch$30, Leaf Print Heel$50.  4.  Metallic Brocade Dress $60, Embellished Satin Heel $50, Spike Bracelet $25.

5.  Paisley Stripe Blouse—$30, Paisley Stripe Blouse—$30, Horn Necklace—$25, Enamel Cuff—$15, Iris Wood Frame Clutch—$50, Embellished Satin Heel—$50.  6.  Confetti Triad Dress—$40, Horn Necklace—$25, Leaf Print Heel—$50.  7.  Animal Confetti Triad Cardigan—$45, Confetti Triad Sweater Shell—$30, Metallic Brocade Pencil Skirt—$40, Horn Necklace—$25, Spike Bracelet—$25, Leaf Print Heel—$50,  8.  Metallic Brocade Trench—$75, Ruffle Blouse—$30, Leaf Print Skirt—$30, Leaf Print Heel—$50.

((  Photo Credits:  J.C. Penney  ))


honeybfly said...

I was really looking forward to seeing this collection, but I can't say that I'm all that impressed with this. Meh.

Anonymous said...

I have to disagree; this exceeds my wildest expectations. Dress number 4 looks like something that the First Lady would wear, except much more affordable, and I like all the suggestions for how to mix prints in unexpected ways.