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Saturday, December 8, 2012

From The Archives: The 2009 Livingstone Calendar

((  Written By: Staff Writer  ))  In 2008, Chitambala Chiti Mwewa reached out to photographer Charlantoine Marais with a brilliant idea to use fashion as an entry point and gateway into the life and culture of Zambia.  He says, "I said 'Charl, I have an idea for a 2009 Livingstone Calendar.'  As soon as I said that, he quipped 'count us in.'  With those words we began the process of putting together the team for the project.  Mulenga Mubanga was our original model but she was not available.  However, we hired the very talented Namibian model, Venantia Otto [winner of 2006 Nokia Face Of Africa]. She was amazing!"  Shot over four days in Livingstone, the team managed to capture beauty, nature, and style.  See the now iconic photos from the project below. 

 ((  Photo Credits:  Charlantoine Marais for Chasemah Media  ))


Anonymous said...

I've seen these photos splashed around the internet and had no idea that they were shot in Zambia and featured a Namibian model. Fabulafricana!