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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

MIMI Mamas: Introduce Your Child To Vibrant Illustrations And Stories

((  Written By: Staff Writer  ))  Introduce your child to beautiful illustrations and stories with lessons with the Mariétou series.  Author Marie-Félicité Ebokéa and illustrator Clementine Sourdais penned the French children's books about Mariétou and her charmed life in a small neighborhood in Douala, Cameroon.  Although these children's books are hard to find outside of France, they are well worth the search for any MIMI Mama looking for modern African stories in French.

À L'Eau Mariétou! finds the title character spending a day at the beach, learning how to swim ... that is, if she can overcome her fear of the water.

In Mariétou Kissaitou, the title character Mariétou is very afraid of the dark, so much so that one night, she wets her bed because she was too afraid to go to the toilet.  But thanks to her fearless grandfather—who was once nicknamed "Kissaitounapeurderien" which translates in English to "Kissaitou is afraid of nothing"—Mariétou will learn to conquer her fears. 

((  Photo Credits:  Book Cover Art  ))


Ma Petite Niche said...

the same way we try to promote buying our little girls black dolls, its very important to start showing our kids at a young age what their culture and heritage it. The earlier they can understand and become comfortable with you they are, the better their experience of the world will be

honeybfly said...

Co-sign everything Ma Petite Niche said. I wish there were more books like these for children.