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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

MIMI's Holiday Gift Guide: The MIMI-ista Edition

((  Written By:  Lola K.  ))  Bring Soul.Substance.Style to a special MIMI-ista in your life with these Afri-chic gifts.  1.  EDUN Poem Scarf (Uganda—$50 via  2.  Brown And Blue Zanzan Wax Print Styled Umbrella From Babatunde (South Africa—$50 via also available at  3.  Set Of 3 Modern Nomad Bangles (Senegal—$8 via  4.  46664 Women's African Women Tee (South Africa—$40.00 via   5.  Jewel By Lisa Embellished Necklace (Nigeria—$190 via  6.  NAMI Handmade Blue Print Ballet Flats (Nigeria—$72 via