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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Changing Brand Africa

In more positive news from the continent, International Trade Forum Magazine's latest issue is themed Changing Brand Africa. This issue contains articles that seek to change others' views of Africa beyond HIV/AIDS and poverty as Africa is about so much more than that. As the magazine's website says, "In tourist offices, the most frequent images of Africa are those of safari animals. In the news, the tragedy of several conflicts lingers. On film screens, African conflict diamonds take centre stage in a Hollywood movie. This image of Africa does not reflect its economic diversity, entrepreneurial aspirations or the optimism that goes with rising investment, growth and greater stability. 'Brand Africa' is in need of a change if Africa is to take its rightful place in world markets." There was an especially wonderful article about the ways in which African women have stronger roles in various African countries nowadays (click here to read the article). Love it!

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