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Monday, May 14, 2007

Oh Really?

Just when we thought the Akon scandal couldn't get any creepier, celebrity gossip site TMZ is reporting that the underage girl Akon pulled on stage celebrated the event and described it on her MySpace page as "girls nite out! best time!!" Since this story leaked, her MySpace page has been set to private (suprise, suprise). For anyone who still cares about this mess, visit (search for Akon) for the details.


jaja said...

All I can say is >>WoW!<< I cannot imagine this show happening in Nigeria. At the same time, I give kudos to the SABC for addressing this issue instead of sweeping it under a rung, as so many Africans do. Hopefully this will initiate an intelligent, enlightening and informative dialogue on the subject of homosexuality among Africans that can lead to tolerance and education.

Anonymous said...

this whole sorted affair is ridiculous. i don't care about the chic or akon!

Anonymous said...

ditto! moving ON.