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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Janet Gabriel Performs With Prince

On 20 April 2007, Janet Gabriel (former Miss Nigeria turned soul singer) attended a concert by Prince in Las Vegas. When Prince called a few people out of the audience to dance with him on stage, Janet was one of them.Prince then proceeded to play Play That Funky Music and asked if anyone would sing. He offered Paris Hilton who was also on stage the chance a few times and she declined—that's when Janet Gabriel stepped up to the challenge and delivered the song! According to Janet Gabriel's label, Amethyst Music, gossip rag US Magazine later twisted the story to make it look like Prince deliberately tried to embarrass Paris but that was not the case.

So what's the real deal? Here's what Janet Gabriel has to say: "Prince respectfully asked anyone to from the audience to sing that song with him and never said anything about whether Paris could sing or not. The microphone was with his backing singer, Shelby and she was the one that apparently offered the microphone to Paris. I knew the song and I in my excitement I frantically ran across the stage to seize the opportunity of a lifetime; the honour to sing with the greatest of all entertainers, Prince himself. It looked as though the problem was that Paris did not know that particular song, so I started singing the first bar of the verse of the song with the mic still in Shelbys hand. Prince then signaled Shelby to let me continue and that was it. Prince did not dis Paris and Paris did not storm off in anger. All dancers left the stage together."

Hm, why is Janet Gabriel coming to Paris Hilton's defense? Does she genuinely care about getting the truth out there, or is she trying to stay in the spotlight by ridding off of Paris Hilton's coattails? Is it a coincidence that just as this story comes out Janet Gabriel is set to perform her first concerts in Nigeria? Get more details at

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(Photo Credits: Provided Courtesy Of Ilka Schlockermann)


mark said...

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Anonymous said...

I think this is stretching an non-incident too far. I don't see a story here.

Anonymous said...

I love Janet Gabriel but I've got to call this out for what it is---a publicity stunt! Why else would she publicly come to the defense of Paris Hilton? No one cares.

josephine said...

it's all a publicity stunt. movin' on!