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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Women Honoring Women

Today marks the start of the the National Congress of Black Women's (NCBW) week long event, "Women Honoring Women." During the week from May 1st through Mother's Day, the NCBW's National Chair Dr. E. Faye Williams is calling upon women to wear something red (the color of love) each day to say "I love, honor and respect myself first, my mother, grandmother, sisters, daughters, aunts, nieces, cousins, girlfriends, and co-workers, too." She said, "We women must begin loving, honoring and respectingourselves and each other because if we don't love and respect ourselves, wecannot attract the love and respect of others. As my friend Dick Gregory always says, 'In order to be loved, we must first be lovable'. I would addthat in order to be respected, we must first be respectable, and to deservehonor, we must be honorable."

Each day of the week of "Women Honoring Women", women are asked to also consciously display at least one act of love, honor or respect for self and another for a significant woman in their lives. This can be a mother, grandmother, sister, daughter, aunt, niece, cousin, friend, or co-worker. Each day at noon, during the week of May 1st through Mother's Day,women are asked to pray for others to love, honor and respect women. Williams said, "The members of NCBW are asked to join the NCBW Board of Directors in fasting for the entire week in order to cleanse our minds andbodies of any impure thoughts and actions, so that we begin the week after Mother's Day with clean hearts and spirits ready to work together to takeon any forces in our nation that insist upon exploiting women and the mindsand talents of young people. We invite others to join us, and the stepswill be posted on our website at" You can also learn more about Congresswoman Williams by visiting her official website:

(Photo Caption: National Congress Of Black Women National Chair Dr. E. Faye Williams)

(Photo Credits: PRNewsFoto/National Congress Of Black Women, Inc.)


Anita said...

Brilliant post!
Thank you so very much for sharing and educating us. I am going to make an effort to honour all the women in my life. I do this already but not on a daily basis.
Cheers again!
Anita Grant