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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

J Crew Gets Afri-Chic

J Crew's new arrivals for the spring season include a ringspun cotton painted graphic t-shirt with the Swahili words "Safari Njema," which translates to "Safe Travels" printed on the front. The t-shirt retails for $39.50 and comes in champagne (pictured on the left) and honey brown. Perhaps this means we'll be seeing more afri-chic designs for the spring season!

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Leigh said...

Thank you for letting us know what that translates to!

Mazuba said...

Why do they charge people 40 dollars for a white tshirt that looks like it has the words "painted on"?The tshirt probably cost $5 to make ,and they are selling it for $5.

naijabella said...

Cute, but I agree with Mazuba, the t-shirts are a complete rip off!!! Besides, I'd rather support an African designer---we have so many who are making even better graphic tees, why not shop with them?