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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Carl Ellis' Mother Africa At Sanlam South Africa Fashion Week 2008

Zambian designer Carl Ellis launched his first label, CDE Clothing by accident after staging an independent show in London where he is currently based. An accountant by profession, Carl went on to debut his accessories range at London Fashion Week in 2005. During a visit to Zambia, he was inspired to launch his second label, Mother Africa, which he describes as a signature of all African cultures. According to Carl, "This range is all about glitz and glam. Every piece will add elegance to any occasion. Rare silks feature prominently in a collection that includes wine coloured ball gowns, electric blue taffeta-pinned skirts and cocktail dresses crafted from fine satin with knotted, twisted and trimmed sections. High fashion, sensuous and luxurious."

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MIMI Style Link: Designer Spotlight: Mother Africa Fashion

(Photo Credits: Ivan Naudé)