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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Fabulous At Every Age

This month we interviewed Sehin Belew, author of the recently released book Fabulous For Less (Sehin Belew: Timeless Beauty), and featured her on our cover (Simply Fabulous!). Here are some of Sehin's beauty tips for being fabulous at every age.

MIMI: How much do you think that good genes play a part in how well you age? And do you think that there are things that any woman can do to look good in her 20s, her 30s, her 40s, her 50s, and beyond?
Sehin Belew: I think good genes play a lot in how well we age. No matter what age we are, we need to do the following to look good. However, the older we get, the more we need to do it.
  1. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables, especially berries because of their anti-oxidant content. They give you anti-aging protection by slowing down the aging process of your skin and cells.
  2. Eat walnuts, flax seeds and Alaskan wild salmon. This helps you maintain beautiful skin and hair.
  3. Try to drink a sufficient amount of purified water everyday.
  4. Use a filter in your shower so the water you shower in is free of harsh chemicals that can harm your skin and health.
  5. Try to get a sufficient amount of sleep.
  6. Try to minimize stress in your life.
  7. Use holistic whole body care and makeup as opposed to conventional products.

MIMI: Does your beauty advice differ depending on the age of the woman? If so, what's your beauty advice for women in their 20s? Women in their 30s? Women in their 40s? And women 50 and over?
Sehin Belew: The basis of the beauty advice I give to women is the same regardless of the age. In order to look fabulous, we have to workout faithfully; we have to take care of our skin by using holistic products including periodic facials; we have to take care of our hair by deep conditioning and getting it trimmed every two months; we have to take care of our toe nails and finger nails by keeping them nicely manicured without the use of products filled with harsh chemical. In a nutshell, we need to be intentional about our body from head to toe. To be fabulous, it does take dedication and discipline and especially as we get older.

For more tips, be sure to visit Sehin Belew's website:

(Photo Credits: Gabe Palmer, © Dreamstime) (Model Used Solely For Illustrative Purposes)


Tairebabs said...

I am curious to know how old she is?

AMINA said...

Me too. I've been wondering how old she is ever since I saw her on the cover of Mimi. Whatever age she is, she looks good.