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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Doreen Mashika: Effortlessly Afri-Chic

These sandals designed by Tanzanian designer Doreen Mashika are the perfect Afri-Chic choice for the summer! Learn more about what the talented designer describes as a "one-stop 'Fashion Cradle' of shoes, bags and exotic costume jewellery that reflects the beauty of a glut of indigenous cultures from across the globe" by visiting her website:


TheAwards said...

It is great that Doreen supports small women vendors to source her fabrics, but this does not justify lousy customer service, or overpricing poor quality products. Fortunate for the designer brand, Doreen Mashika boutique is located in the heart of Stonetown Zanzibar, where many of the wealthier tourists can afford to spend money on souvenirs. When these visitors return home, their 150$ Kanga dress is guaranteed to disintegrate due to poor craftsmanship.

Customer care is an important aspect of the fashion industry and it is disappointing to see a Tanzanian designer failing undiscriminating business. Doreen Mashika may ruin the reputation of emerging Tanzanian designers and artists who take pride in doing ethical business through respecting their customers and offering quality products.

Have you seen Chichia London?
Now this is progressive Tanzanian fashion.. the first phase of caring for your customers is through offering us a dynamic website where we can discover your style and talk about it...