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Sunday, July 26, 2009

From The Archives: Hot Topic: 10 Signs It's Time To Return To Africa

MIMI Hot Topic, 10 Signs It's Time To Return To Africa was first published in MIMI's March 2006 issue. Even though the list is from three years ago, so much of it remains true.

If you've been living abroad for a while, then chances are you feel you're losing a part of your cultural connection to your home country in Africa. As the saying goes, “Change is inevitable”; but if you begin showing any of these 10 signs, you may be due for a visit to the motherland for a cultural re-connection now!
  1. You start re-thinking immigration policy because there are too many people who are “fresh off the boat.”
  2. You think there's nothing wrong with living with your partner before marriage.
  3. You frequently use your credit cards to purchase items.
  4. You consider yourself a “minority” or “ethnic”, rather than classify yourself as “African.”
  5. You would prefer that your family that visits you from Africa stay at a hotel instead of staying at your place because you need your “space.”
  6. You have to explain that you're from an African country to strangers because you don't speak with an accent.
  7. You cannot form complete sentences in your traditional language, and start mixing in English when you speak with your parents.
  8. You find men who braid their hair attractive.
  9. You crave burgers and fries over plantain when you're hungry.
  10. Lately, all your conversations with your family back in Africa end with “When are you coming home?”
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