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Monday, August 10, 2009

African Booty Scratcher: A Short Film By Nikyatu Jusu

Filmmaker Nikyatu Jusu was born in Atlanta, Georgia to Sierra Leonean immigrant parents. Her passion for film led her to pursue an M.F.A. in the competitive film program at New York University, where she is currently studying.

Nikyatu recently released her first short film African Booty Scratcher (which Nikyatu wrote and directed), a coming of age story where West African tradition conflicts with American idealism and the protagonist Isatu is forced to reassess her alliances. The short film has earned Nikyatu several awards and festival acceptances. She was a finalist in the American Black Film Festival's shorts division enabling African Booty Scratcher to be acquired by HBO, where it is currently airing. Below, watch African Booty Scratcher:

African Booty Scratcher-Short Film by Nikyatu Jusu from Nikyatu Jusu on Vimeo.

Support the incredibly talented and original Nikyatu by visiting her official website: and read all about her by visiting her blog:


AMINA said...

I am so proud to see a movie that is original and actually depicts the things that we go through. No offense to Nollywood, but I am tired of the same old cheap prodction value, over the top acting, and recycled story lines. This is really great.

Anonymous said...

am I the only person who didn't know what an African booty scratcher is? this is a new term to me.

Riziki said...

What a great short-film. The director gets so much in there in such a short amount of time. My favorite scene was the mother on the phone--I felt like I was watching MY mother on the phone!!!! I can't wait to see more from Ms. Jusu.