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Monday, August 10, 2009

Noella Coursaris In Italian Vanity Fair

The women that we chose to feature in MIMI are women who are beautiful both on the inside and out. Model Noella Coursaris is no exception; she is one of two women to grace the cover of MIMI twice (Teiko Dornor is the other woman to hold that special place in MIMI's history).

When we first interviewed Noella, we were thrilled to learn that she was planning on starting her own foundation to help educate young girls (Shooting Star: Noella Coursaris). When we interviewed Noella a second time, we were filled with joy to learn that Noella met her goals, and indeed started The Georges Malaika Foundation (Empowering Girls Through Education). Now, Italian Vanity Fair has taken notice of Noella's outer and inner beauty and featuring her in their magazine.

Get the latest information about Noella Coursaris's work to educate young girls by following her on Twitter: and visit the Georges Malaika official webiste:


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