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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Mpho Skeef: She's Not Your Average Chick

“I didn’t want to fall into the stereotypes or stupid expectations,” Mpho Skeef tells the London Paper, “—maybe I don’t want to be an RnB singer.” The genre-melding singer is fast becoming known for her unique style and her inability to be anything but true to herself, even in her art form.

MIMI first profiled the South-African born, London-based singer Mpho in the magazine back in 2005 (Unbound and Upward Bound: Mpho Skeef). The ultra cool, non-conformist, singer is back with some new music. The sound: dope. The lyrics: deep. The result: divine.

Mpho's music has been in heavy rotation while MIMI prepares its Fall 2009 issues (we can't get enough of Mpho's eclectic music). Mpho crosses the lines of genre so effortlessly throughout her upcoming debut album, Pop Art that she is already being heralded by music critics for her brave artistic ventures. Check out where you can download a free mixtape with Mpho's new music (MIMI highly recommends checking her out).

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Anonymous said...

More free music! This is great. Can't wait to hear what all the buzz is about.

angela said...

she is BEAUTIFUL. mimi, i think you should do an issue about the most beautiful african women.

Ms A said...

Please check her myspace page if you want to see her gig listings: