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Sunday, August 9, 2009

The TENANT: A Tale Of A Nigerian Immigrant In Canada

Broken Manacles Entertainment a Canadian based film production company owned by Nigerians, will premiere their award winning movie, The TENANT, in October of this year. The movie which was written, produced, and directed by Jude Idada and Lucky Ejim, two Nigerian immigrants in Canada. Dare ‘BabaDee’ Fasasi also served as co-director.

The movie billed to premiere in Lagos, Nigeria in October, 2009 tells the tale of an African emigrant, Obinna, in search of a better future for himself and his family. Obinna, an African refugee in Canada, faces deportation in 30 days. When all hope seems lost, a chance confrontation with Timothy, his terminally ill landlord, provides him an opportunity to remain in the country. Timothy who is a former immigration officer makes him a deal: he will intervene in his pending deportation if Obinna finds his estranged daughter Nicole and convinces her to see him one last time before he dies. With the clock ticking, Obinna fights to save his dreams, in the course of which he stumbles on a discovery that will shake the very foundations of his beliefs.

The TENANT has already won international accolades which include: Audience Choice Award, Best Feature Film–(Hollywood Black Film Festival 2009), Beverly Hills, California; Best Feature Film–(Moving Image Film Festival 2008), Toronto Canada. See a preview of The TENANT at

(Photo Credits: Courtesy Of Bobby Taylor Consulting Africa)