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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Written By: Staff Writer—Buzzworthy talents from Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, Ethiopia, Sudan, Zimbabwe, Somalia, Tanzania, Mali, Cape Verde, and Sierra Leone are represented in this year's Hot 21, which is published in MIMI's September 2009 issue.


mimifan said...

This is a really eclectic and interesting mix of people. I really like that the magazine tries to mix it up with big time African stars and the next generation of African stars. Really nice job with this year's list MIMI!

Mimi Reader said...

Great picks! This whole issue is excellent, I haven't read all the articles but I especially love the (r)evolution of jaquee, the images are stunning.

MW09 said...

Love the list! You obviously heeded my request and put K'Naan on there LOL.