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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Beldina Malaika: "Singing Is Something I’ve Always Had In Me"

Written By: Staff Writer—At the young age of 21, Beldina Malaika (Kenya) has already established herself as one of the most appriciated soul/jazz singers in Sweden. She says, "Singing is something I’ve always had in me, being an artist is something I want to become. I see myself as a three year old learning how to walk. You have to struggle in the beginning just to learn how to crawl, and that off course with help from others. After that you’re probably gonna fall on your bum a couple of times before you can stand on your own two feet. And that’s when it begins. But you have to know how to stand still before you can move forward. And that’s how I feel about my music. It’s always progressing into a sound that in the end will be Beldina. When I’m older I’ll probably end up singing jazzytunes in a smokey lounge…. But that can wait because now I do like I do. You’re able to see me in different shapes too, not only as my own. My favorite treat for inspiration is to work with different people so don’t be surprised if you see me when you least expect it." Have a listen at her singing live:

Blinded (Live) Beldina from If I were a Bell on Vimeo.

Beldina is putting the finishing touches on her mixtape, A Woman Of Few Words. To learn more about the chanteuse, visit If I were A Bell.

(Photo Credits: Linus Johansson)


John said...

she is beautiful and so is her voice!

tk said...

now that's what i call pure talent. beautiful voice