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Sunday, September 6, 2009

First Look: Corneille's New Look For His New Music

Written By: Staff Writer—Corneille Nyungura will be releasing his next album on October 19th. The album, titled Sans Titre, translates in English to "without a title" or more colloquially, "untitled" will be available in Europe. With two French-speaking albums under his belt, the German-born, Rwanda-raised singer is renowned in Canada, Africa, and Europe.
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Anonymous said...

I hope the album cover does not reflect the material on the music, because me no likey. Me no likey at all.

Anonymous said...

its ok

Anonymous said...

ummm...ouch. not a good look.

mimifan said...

Corneille is a handsome man. I don't know why he would allow his face to be digitally altered like that. I find it so strange that I actually don't want to look at this anymore.

tk said...

let's give him some credit for being creative. i don't care how he packages his albm, what matters is the music.