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Friday, November 13, 2009


Written By: Staff Writer—We want you to be a part of the voice of African women around the world. Take a cue from Amirah Tajdin, A Girl With A Story To Tell, Without The Hot Sauce, and the "New Music Girl On The Block,"Akua Afram and send us a write-up about yourself. Or, if you fancy, complete the following questions about yourself: (1) I am ... , (2) My connection to Africa is ..., (3) My dream is to ..., (4) I am inspired by ..., (5) I love ... (6) Most people would be surprised to know ..., (7) To me being an African woman means ..., and (8) One of the best pieces of advice I have ever received is .... Tell us all of this about yourself, tell us some of this about yourself, or tell us something else about yourself!

You can reach MIMI at mimimagazineonline[at] Oh, and don't forget to send along your photograph.

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Mimi Reader said...

Will it be featured on the blog or an actual issue?

MIMI Magazine said...

@ Mimi Reader, Be In MIMI is part of a column that we are publishing on our blog. Hope to hear from you!