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Sunday, November 15, 2009

9 Questions For Fashion Model Sandra Nyanchoka

Written By: Staff Writer—Supermodel hopeful Sandra Nyanchoka was a contestant on Cycle 12 of the reality television series, America’s Next Top Model (ANTM). She has since continued on her path as a fashion model and has bigger and brighter plans for the future. MIMI caught up with Sandra to ask her 9 questions about her style and the substance that defines it.
  1. My personal style is influenced by ... a lot of different designs. When I go shopping, I basically buy what I like. I don’t care if it is in style or not. I like to create my own style.
  2. People are not aware of the fact that I ... am from such a big family.
  3. Being on ANTM ... was stressful but I am thankful for the experience.
  4. In my handbag I always carry ... lip gloss.
  5. I am passionate about ... nature. Especially flowers! I want to have my own garden in the future.
  6. My personal motto is ... if you have a dream go after it. Not everyone may believe in you but you should always believe in yourself.
  7. Over the next year I ... would like to start an organization for orphan children in Africa.
  8. In ten years I see myself ... financially stable, happily married and pregnant.
  9. Being an African woman means ... everything to me. I love the richness of my culture and I am proud of who I am.

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(Photo Credits: Beverly Alford)