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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

November 2009: The Designer Edition And The Fashionista Edition

Written By: Staff Writer—The month of November is all about fashion at MIMI, and because we love fashion whether it is expressed on the runway, on the streets, in clothes, in accessories, in art, or some other medium—or approached as a business, a lifestyle, or entertainment, or a different perspective all together—we have published a double fashion issue (a Designer Edition and a Fashionista Edition) to capture the many different sides of African fashion. MIMI's Designer Edition features British-born Ghanaian fashion designer, TV personality, entrepreneur, and author Samata Angel on the cover, while our Fashionista Edition features Kenyan model Sandra Nyanchoka on the cover.

Inside the Designer Edition of MIMI's November 2009 issue, go behind the seams of haute couture designer Bunmi Olaye's Bunmi Koko label, learn the economics of fashion with Sanabora's Beatrice Mwasi, get inspired to live soulfully and beautifully with Malene Barnett of malene b rugs, adorn yourself with Ruby Buah's authentic Afri-chic KUA clutches, and get lost in dreamy wax prints with Vlisco's latest collection.

Inside the Fashionista Edition of MIMI's November 2009 issue, get beauty tips from actress Stephanie Okereke and style tips from singer Anna Reynolds, learn model behavior from Sandra Nyanchoka, go on a gold jewelry rush with actress Hlubi Mboya, and remember not to take fashion so seriously by having a laugh with Just Another Day of our beloved heroine Mimi and her fashion misadventures.

MIMI Link: Volume 5, Issue 8: Designer Edition; Volume 5, Issue 8: Fashionista Edition

(Photo Credits:  Left: © Samata Angel.  Right: © Sandra Nyanchoka)


Myne Whitman said...

Lovely covers...

Mimi Reader said...

Two issues...yay! I read it cover to cover, great articles as always. Mimi's Just Another Day story was very funny.