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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Loza Maléombho: African Street Chic Fashion

Written By: Nani Hapa—This year, Loza Maléombho (who is Brazilian born and "of an Ivorian Mother and Centrafrican Father"), launched a high street fashion brand based in New York city. Check out the video below for highlights from her collection:

Boston Fashion Exposé from Loza Maléombho on Vimeo.

Loza explains, "the concept of Loza Maléombho can be captured in four words: Ethics, Fashion, Culture and Education. This briefly symbolizes the fair trade aspirations and initiatives in developing countries of Africa by working with local factories, creating jobs and maintaining ethical practices along the run. The fashion line targets a younger hip fashion forward consumer with trendy designs that translate a multi cultural and ethnic influence into modern ready to wear. Finally, Loza Maléombho strongly believes that the lack of education is the major reason for the slow development of certain African countries, and intends on donating a percentage of the benefit to the building of schools locally." Fabulous all around! Learn more about the Loza Maléombho label by visiting and

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