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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Woman Of Few Words

Written By: Staff Writer—Last month, Swedish-Kenyan singer Beldina Malaika released her mixtape, A Woman Of Few Words. For a limited time, the entire mixtape is free to download from her website, Here's what Beldina had to share about her music:
"Love is a mixtape. A compilation of feelings. It reflects the musical tastes of real life and ranges from a casually selected list of emotions to a conceptual mix of songs linked by a mood. This is a highly personal statement tailored to the tape's intended recipient, meaning you. By carefully selecting and composing my heart into a mix, an artistic statement can be created. The naked introduction of 'wrong things' is just the beginning. Everyday we make promises to ourselves. Everyday we flout them. Everyday we try and keep the word. Everyday we break it ... At least someone is trying."
(Photo Credits: CD Cover Art (Marguerite Seger))


Anonymous said...

d/l the mixtape. it's okay. i think she's young and still trying to find her voice/sound. meh.