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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A New Year's Gift From Anna Reynolds—Free Music Downloads

Written By: Staff Writer—EP Neobiota Suite IV Electrofying Soulsister is the last Neobiota EP for 2009. Anna says "in the Greek language 'Neobiota,' the title of the EP series, means 'neos' new and 'bios' life and refers to alien (exotic) biological species, that colonize a geographic area as a direct or indirect result of human involvement." She adds the Electrofying Soulsister EP, "contains 4 songs that represent 3 important phases, leading up to finally being able to live and release my own music now." For a limited time the 4 tracks from the EP are available for free download at

Read more of what Anna has to say about the EP Electrofying Soulsister on Anna's blog: and check her video message on