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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Introducing ... N'kya Designs: A Sense Of Africa ... A Touch Of You!

Written By: MIM!—Sheila Boateng is a self taught fashion designer from Ghana based in the United Kingdom, who recently launched her label N'kya Designs. MIMI caught up with the up-and-coming designer to find out what sets her apart from the rest.

MIM!: What inspired you to start a clothing label, and more specifically, a clothing label based on an African aesthetic?
Sheila Boateng: A new found love in African fabrics from late 2006 is what made me start up the label. I started by cutting out symbols from pieces of the fabric and sewing them onto tshirts. I was always thinking about how I could use the prints to design garments that I could wear on a daily basis and not just on special ocassions such as church and weddings which is what was the norm at the time. This way of thinking totally worked in my favour.

MIM!: With a number of up and coming African labels, what sets N'kya Designs apart from the rest?
Sheila Boateng: What's so amazing is all the up and coming designers do not look at all the same, they all have a direction they are leading, enabling them to stand out from each other. What makes N'kya stand out is we do what we feel is right and do not follow any particular trends. We hav a wide range of outfits from casual everyday wear, to party outfits and also a few evening wear garments and this is all reflected in our new collections. We also have an accessory line and will be unveiling our new collection of clutch bags very soon. Watch this space!

MIM!: We love your campaign; it's very avant garde. What was the vision behind the campaign and what are you trying to say about N'kya Designs?
Sheila Boateng: Designs in the new campaign is from our SS10 collections. There were 4 new collections in total which were unveiled at N'kya ... The Launch in November 2009. Pictures from the launch night can be found on our Facebook Fanpage and will also be updated very soon on our website

(Photo Credits: Provided Courtesy Of N'kya Designs)


Kim @ A Life of Style said...

Great blog! Is Sheila Boateng related to Ozwald Boateng? Her designs are gorgeous! Can't wait to see the bags.

Sw33ti3r4v3n said...

future GHANAIAN designer to look closely at... sheila's designs r hot hot hot...