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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Behind The Blog: Gabi Smith Blogs The Nu Black

Written By: MIM!—Future revolutionaries need look no further than to find positive stories from the Diaspora of the past and present. As the young, black, and gifted founder Gabrielle ("Gabi") Smith explains, "The name thenublack comes from the idea that my generation and those born to parents of the African Diaspora have had a path paved for them by their ascendants." MIMI caught up with Gabi to find out what inspires her to continue paving the path of greatness.

MIM!: What inspired you to start
Gabi Smith: I started thenublack in October of 2008 by way of a challenge to see how many positive stories, images, quotes, articles I could post each day for Black History Month in the UK. The blog pretty much continued from then on. I was inspired by the websites, blogs, artwork and features I’d come across and wanted to showcase their talent.

MIM!: I've noticed that in your interviews you ask, what is thenublack philosophy according to you? I'd like to turn the question around: what is thenublack philosophy according to Gabrielle?
Gabi Smith: “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams"Eleanor Roosevelt.

MIM!: Who are the Nu Black?
Gabi Smith: Thenublack comes from the idea that my generation and those born to parents of the African Diaspora have had a path paved for them by their ascendants.
Although we may not have experienced first-hand the effects that many of those well known figures had on the world, I have hope that we're aspiring to be equally as great, as revolutionary and box-breaking as they were and still are. We do what we love and we do it extremely well.

MIM!: What is a "normal" working day like for you?
Gabi Smith: I work as a Junior Designer for ITN (a UK based news station). My day starts with a meeting and ends with a briefing. During that time period I create graphic elements for various news stories. Although it’s a crazy environment due to the nature of the news, one of the things I like most about the environment I work in is the ability to be creative and also that I may be looking at a blog in my free time and use it as inspiration while working on a project.

MIM!: What inspires youwhat is your favorite book, movie, and artist?
Gabi Smith: I’m reading The Josephine Baker story at the moment, which I’d say, is a favourite. Also Redemption by Stanley Tookie Williams. Favourite movie has to be She’s Gotta Have It. Favourite artist is Kehinde Wiley, there’s something about his work that constantly intrigues me.

MIM!: If you could invite for a dinner party any NuBlack icons (past or present), who would you invite?
Gabi Smith: Wow, it’d be more like a house party than a dinner party, lol. Billie Holiday, Kehinde Wiley, Nelson Mandela, Tracy Camilla-Johns, Hype Williams, Gabourey Sidibe, Grace Jones, my Grandmother (I’ve never met her before but have heard great stories), Chris Offili, Eartha Kitt, Barack and Michelle Obama, Fela Kuti, Naomi Campbell, Antwon Fisher, Jean-Micheal Basquiat, Jamel Shabazz, Pele…to name a few!

MIM!: Where would you like to see three years from now?
Gabi Smith: I’d like to see become more established, for it to have a wider international readership, to connect with other featured writers, and to put on a yearly event for future revolutionaries to meet up.

MIM!: MIMI's readers should bookmark because ...
Gabi Smith: You’re guaranteed to find something on there that either makes you smile or that inspires you to continue thinking outside of the box.

For a refreshingly positive perspective about the Diaspora, visit


amirah t. said...

love the blog!
keep at it, comforting to know the diaspora is being taken care of with a savvy dose of culture :)

Harlem Loves said...

Awww great interview and Gabi is as lovely as she is talented. NuBlack is a genius idea and the T-shirts are fab too :)